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One-stop solution for reusable, scalable and portable brand activation setups

Insta Brand Activation designs, develops and delivers premium brand activation setups designed categorically for numerous BTL activities. Be it Mall activations, Corporate activations, RWA branding, Dealer activations or miscellaneous btl marketing activities; our versatile activation setups will give your brand an ideal platform to communicate with and charm your target group.

Our multi-purpose brand promotion setups can be reused for various btl marketing activities and numerous times as well. They are scalable in size, which makes our brand activation setups adaptable. Despite their versatility our brand activation setups are portable and user-friendly.

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A Global Brand Since 2003



The journey of Insta Brand Activation commenced in 2003 in the financial hub of India – Mumbai. By the year 2007, Insta had not one but three fully integrated manufacturing plants in India.

15 years down the line, Insta Brand Activation is a name to reckon with in the league of reputed brand activation companies in India. Having partnered with numerous Fortune 500 brands, Insta Brand Activation has an indomitable reputation when it comes to designing and manufacturing avant-garde promotional setups.

Team of professionals & experts 500
Years of experience & expertise 13
Offices in numerouscities 7


Corporate Activation
Dealer Activation
Mall Activation
RWA Activation

Creating experiential spaces for

Mall Activation

The heart of BTL marketing activities platform is Mall Activation; leverage this stage with impactful mall activation setups

Society Activation

There is no better place to engage your target group than in their own habitat. Create a powerful impression with distinct society activation setups

Corporate Activation

Capitalize the lucrative platform of the corporate world with enterprising corporate activation setups for your brand activation

Campus Activation

Stay relevant with the youth with trendy campus activation setups for engaging campus activation in various cities across the country

Dealer Activation

Leverage the meeting point of the seller and buyer and let your brand do all the talking with striking setups for dealer activation

Why choose Insta Brand Activation?


  • Modular and Reusable Solutions - Insta Brand Activation develops meticulously designed modular BTL activation setups for various promotional activities. Apart from being user-friendly, these activation setups are reusable and can be used multiple times. So, if you have brand promotions lined up for an entire year or two then Insta Brand Activation setups are your best bet. Buy it once and reuse the same setup for years to come


  • Reconfigurable Solutions - Our Brand Activation setups are reconfigurable which allows you to explore various design possibilities. With our setups you can get a unique look every time you promote your brand. Our activation setups can be easily ‘re-modeled' to fit different spaces at different promotions and events


  • Quick to build - The pre-engineered parts of our modular activation setups help in swift installation. This ensures that you do not have to commission extra manpower, thereby reducing labor costs at every installation


  • Lightweight and portable - Unlike other activation setups available in the market, Insta Brand Activation setups are lightweight and compact. These activation setups can be easily packed in riveted cased, thereby saving transport and storage costs. Along with being easy to carry, our setups are portable that enables ease of transport
See ourversatilesetupsin action!

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Brand Activation is a marketing strategy and a platform that drives consumer actions through brand interaction and experiences. It encourages consistent brand promoting activities to reinforce your brand image. Brand activation creates an effective link between you and your prospective customer. With appropriate solution, you can build appealing experiential spaces for your brand. Whether you want to launch a new product or promote your existing one, brand activation always drives maximum visitor footfalls and generates more customers at your experiential space.

Insta Brand Activation does not create marketing campaigns. It, however works with your brand promoting company or agency to conceptualize brand activation setups that are specifically designed on the lines of your marketing campaign and help to highlight your marketing message. Insta Brand Activation designs  promotional setups that act as brand activators and helps to procure substantial ROI.

Absolutely! With the experience of 15 years and counting, Insta Brand Activation, has great insights and expertise on brand activation and promotional setups. Our skilled team will work with your branding company in India and guide you suitably considering your brand guidelines, budget, marketing plan and target audience.

Definitely!  Insta Brand Activation company can customize your setup for you; by incorporating your design brief, brand guidelines and special requirements to assist with your BTL activations.

The timeframe depends on various factors such as the size of the setup, design and the delivery location.  The duration varies from a 10 day period for a basic back wall from our catalog to a month for a mega event execution.

Yes! Before you commission a setup, our in-house designers give you a free-of-cost, life-like 3D design. This gives you an overview of what the brand activation setup would look like.

Our reusable setups are equipped with changeable graphics. If, you wish to change the graphics of your setup after a couple of installations, our team will print new set of graphics for you, at an additional cost!

It depends. You can install the setup yourself or with the help of an execution partner. Insta will supply you with a manual and audio/video presentation with the setup. Insta Brand Activation can also set-up the activation booth for you and/or train your staff to ensure that the I & D process goes on swiftly.

Yes! Insta Brand Activation has three manufacturing plants (Mumbai, Gurgaon, Haridwar) Using the latest technology and advance equipment, Insta produces setups in-house that match the European quality stands. Our factories follow ERP system that supplies same setups to the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Most definitely! With minimal charges Insta will provide you with new parts and will also take care of the maintenance of your setup.

Why not? We have offices in 7 cities across India to provide prompt assistance and delivery be it for your RWA activities, mall activations and various other BTL marketing activities. We follow the hub & spoke model to ensure swift PAN India executions.

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