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Targeted promotions through corporate activation

Corporate activation presents a forum to showcase your brand and products to the prospective clients in a corporate environment. The target group in a corporate gamut is different from that of a mall or society. Here, the clients are more aware of the ongoing market trends and are interested only in the products that cater to them. So, in order to grasp the attention of these clients, you need to have an effective corporate activation plan that is viable and builds a strong brand image.

Keeping the sensibilities of the corporate setup in mind, Insta Activation Solutions designs promotional setups exclusively for the corporate audience. Click here to check out some of our prominent corporate activation solutions.

How can Insta help with your corporate activation?


  • Setups that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor promotions - Insta manufactures brand activation setups that are dust and weather resistant. Our graphics can withstand not only the harsh sun but also the rains yet still maintain their vividness. The robust corporate activation setup is ideal for both indoor and outdoor corporate promotions


  • Abiding by the statutory rules of the corporate venues - Most corporate venues have a strict set of rules and regulations when it comes to promotional activities. Team Insta carefully    abides by the said rules and regulations of the corporate venue in question to ensure that your promotional activity goes on without any hitch


  • Additional props to add exclusivity to the setup - You can get a series of additional accessories with the corporate activation setup. Choose from the array of interactive or standard kiosks, pop-up displays and promoter tables to give your setup a customized look. Make your corporate activation engaging with these add-ons
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Corporate Activation Guidelines


Each and every commercial building in India has its own set of guidelines, rules and regulations for promotional activities. If you entrust the assembly and dismantling process of your brand activation setups to Insta, we will ensure that every statutory guideline is met with and your promotional setup is in accordance with the commercial area’s regulatory standards.

Creating experiential spaces for

Mall Activation

The heart of BTL marketing activities platform is Mall Activation; leverage this stage with impactful mall activation setups

Society Activation

There is no better place to engage your target group than in their own habitat. Create a powerful impression with distinct society activation setups

Campus Activation

Stay relevant with the youth with trendy campus activation setups for engaging campus activation in various cities across the country

Dealer Activation

Leverage the meeting point of the seller and buyer and let your brand do all the talking with striking setups for dealer activation

Services we provide


Corporate Activation
Dealer Activation
Mall Activation
RWA Activation

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